Based on current entries - 89
    1st: £222.50
    2nd: £111.25
    3rd: £66.75
    4th: £30.04
    5th: £14.46
 Estimated based on 100 entries
    1st: £250.00
    2nd: £125.00
    3rd: £75.00
    4th: £33.75
    5th: £16.25
 Also, this year spot prizes will be awarded to best in category winners
For example, a prize will be awarded for best Bonus Section 1, Best Group Predictions etc.
£5 from each entry goes to the main prize pot and £1.50 allocated to the spot prizes
Value of the prizes to be determined when the results are in
The prize for a category will only be awarded if there is a clear winner
There is a limit of one main or spot prize per entrant